Episode 11

11. Healing in Harmony – Monica Aben

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In this episode of Return to Nature, Melissa interviews singer songwriter Monica Aben about how her healing journey impacted her creative journey.

Hailing from California, Monica’s musical journey began at a young age, mastering the piano and guitar while growing up in a music-loving and rhythm-filled home. Her music exudes passion, authenticity, and a profound love for life’s adventures. Monica defines success as being wholly authentic and creating music and art that resonates with her audience, regardless of societal expectations. She has performed at notable events like the Future Echoes Festival in Sweden and Camden Club in London.

Her latest EP reflects her passion for regenerative farming and holistic health. Inspired by the brand of the same name after attending their “What Good Shall I Do?” conference, her single, Force of Nature, shares a message of honoring and reconnecting to nature.


  • Her musical upbringing learning piano by ear rather than by learning to read sheet music
  • The health obstacle that changed the course of her life as a teenager
  • The teachers who helped to nurture her creativity rather than forcing her to fit high school’s mold
  • How she rejected the stereotype that artists must suffer to be good or successful and chose to create wholesome music
  • How her music career started immediately after high school in Nashville
  • Her first songwriting collaboration experience with Adam Shoenfeld, Tim McGraw’s guitarist, and how that led to finishing her first record album
  • How establishing deeper relationships with collaborative partners can lend to the songwriting experience
  • How to keep your own voice in tact when collaborating with others
  • Following your intuitive creative process to avoid overproducing
  • Thew functional medicine doctor who catalyzed her healing when her symptoms came back and how that led her to realize how our environment contributes to human health
  • How she found Force of Nature meats when her healing required eating a carnivore diet
  • Why she attended the “What Good Shall I Do?” conference and how that inspired her recent album
  • Being receptive to inspiration and ideas from unexpected places
  • How human design has helped her understand herself and her creative process
  • How true healing in our toxic world can be expensive and inaccessible to most, but also how we can use our gifts and creativity to empower and educate people on health


Website: www.monicaaben.com

Instagram: @monicaaben

Spotify: Monica Aben


I’ve never been good at just making music to make music because it feels like you’re asking people to give up time and attention in a world where literally the most valuable thing is our time and attention. So I take that very seriously. If I’m going to create something and ask people to listen to it, it has to matter.



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