Episode 13

13. Nature’s Remedies – Brooke-Lynn Seemann of Vibrant Roots

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In this episode of Return to Nature, Melissa interviews Brooke-Lynn Seemann, the owner of Vibrant Roots, a mushroom focused company based in the mountains of Whitefish, Montana that specialize in mushroom tea, elixirs, jun tea (the sister elixir to kombucha), mushroom chocolates, & more. As a health and conscious living enthusiast, Brooke is also a beekeeper, mycologist, mixologist, herbalist, and certified Birthing Doula. Through her own healing journey she discovered and created all of the products that Vibrant Roots offers today.

Vibrant Roots’ mission is to connect people back to their roots, beginning with the ancestral wisdom within us all and still held by many cultures around the world whose health and wellness traditions revolve around bees, mushrooms, and herbs. Every product is touched with love, music, and medicine by a beautiful team of humans, bees, and a kingdom all its own: Mushrooms! Through these natural healing powers, their products provide convenient and refreshing products to nourish & energize our bodies, starting with the gut.


  • Where she got her vision for Vibrant Roots and how she began to take tangible steps to starting it once she moved to Whitefish, Montana
  • How she was able to save money to slowly build the company little by little by working up to seven jobs at a time
  • The cancer diagnosis that motivated her to find ways to heal herself naturally and switch from Kombucha to Jun, which has a honey base instead of sugar
  • Starting up her first commercial kitchen and milkman-style delivery service
  • How “bad” things can guide us to the path we’re meant to be on
  • The pros and cons of having a distributor versus direct-to-consumer sales
  • The environmentally conscious decision to take their glass bottles back for reuse despite the fact that it costs more than just getting new bottles
  • Her experience working for Kauai Juice Co and how that influenced Vibrant Roots’ practices
  • The importance of nurturing the growth of everyone working for the company
  • The dietary changes she made in order to heal and how those principles led to the products Vibrant Roots now carries
  • All about mushrooms
  • The story and significance behind the Vibrant Roots logo
  • Her local honey supplier, Great Northern Honey
  • Why most honey will never be certified organic
  • The difference between kombucha and jun
  • Insight into the brewing process
  • How getting back to our roots can help us live more consciously


Even the most organic cane sugar your body has to produce enzymes to break it down, which puts your body into an inflammatory state. Where honey, it’s still sugar, but it has all those enzymes—B vitamins, amino acids, like all the good things. It’s the right sugar for your body so your body doesn’t have to work so hard to break it down. Because it already has all those enzymes to be readily broken down by your body.



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