Alpine Greenhouses

Materials used

  • Food packaging waste
  • bio bags
  • paper bags
  • plant-based glue

Our latest eco-conscious project  is for Montana-based company, Alpine Greenhouses. Out of Three Forks, Montana, Alpine Greenhouses offers DIY kits and travels all over the state to build custom passive solar greenhouses that can survive even the coldest Montana winter.

We worked closely with owner Dave McCarson and creative director Shairon Sears to create a vision of their story that exemplifies their mission. We fabricated the entire project out of grocery store food packaging waste—collected from our own personal weekly grocery shops— to make a statement on how much waste can be prevented from growing food in your own backyard.

At first we tried to hide the fact that we were using food packaging, but eventually embraced the imperfections, like visible expiration dates, random words, and existing icons.

The shiny, smooth, and plastic-based food packaging wasn’t exactly compatible with non-toxic paints and glues we use in lieu of the toxic (and often more sticky) counterparts. So we got as creative as possible, employing techniques like weaving compostable plastic bags through cardboard packaging to make trees.

It was eye opening to realize that even when you are supporting organic, non-gmo, and regenerative products, their packaging can still create waste.

What makes this project even more special is that, earlier this year, The Sisters Bloom relocated to the Flathead Valley in Montana! Being closer to nature is inspiring and aligns us even closer with our mission.

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