Materials used

  • Foraged rocks
  • preserved leaves
  • soil
  • paper leather
  • Natural Earth Paint
  • methyl cellulose glue

We are honored to share the first project created in our new Montana studio space, an educational video for Earthing! Founded by Clint Ober, a cable- television specialist turned grounding researcher and advocate, the company is on a mission to educate the world about the healing benefits of reconnecting to the earth. From their extensive research over the past twenty years, Earthing designs and develops state of the art products that help restore our lost connection to the earth’s abundant ground energy.

After Melissa’s in depth interview with Clint on the Return to Nature podcast, this project was a special opportunity to align with Earthing’s mission by creating with natural materials from the earth. Inspired by rock and leaf art, we were able to enjoy time connecting to the earth while foraging for leaves and rocks to use in the project.

We researched various ways to preserve leaves in order to keep them looking fresh for animation and landed on a simple mixture of vegetable glycerin and water. We worked out all the kinks in this tutorial!

We also had some fun creating mini patterns for moccasins and sneakers out of paper leather.

We could not have asked for a more aligned project to kick off animation in our new studio space!

Watch Here


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