Field Notes

We are on a journey to create consciously and that includes documenting our process every step of the way through tutorials, podcast interviews, and behind the scenes insights.

Hosted by founder Melissa Bloom, the Return to Nature podcast showcases the people and companies reforming their industries with eco-conscious values and proving that, even in our modern world, it’s possible—and necessary—to live in alignment with Nature.

Our productions are infused with eco-conscious values from beginning to end. Learn more abut how we create each project with materials and methods that do not harm people or planet.

We are always searching for alternatives to the toxic and wasteful materials and techniques of the industry, which oftentimes means creating our own version. When our experimenting leads to a viable result, we feel it’s important to share it!

Our affiliates are the products and materials that we discover and stand behind as alternatives to the toxic and wasteful practices of the industry. When you shop from the links below, you are directly supporting our mission.

13. Nature’s Remedies – Brooke-Lynn Seemann of Vibrant Roots

12. From Trash to Treasure: Diverting Waste to Heal the Soil – Alissa LaChance of Dirt Rich

The Real Milk Paint Co.

11. Healing in Harmony – Monica Aben

Monica Aben’s Force of Nature

10. Shepherding Soil Health – Amanda Shine of Roving Ram Ranch

Air Dry Baking Soda Clay

09. Creating with the Earth – Melissa Bloom


08. Weaving Fact into Fiction – Alex Woodard of Ordinary Soil

07. Studio Rebirth: An Eco-Conscious Renovation – The Bloom Sisters

Preserving Leaves with Glycerin


06. The Alchemy of Natural Color – Sasha Duerr

05. Sole Connection – Clint Ober of Earth FX Inc.

04. Eco Mold-Making – Emily Blythe Jones Of Meatspace Communion

Plastic-Free Pros-Aide

03. Finding Balance – Ale Lanae Bloom of Ale Life & Design

02. Painting a Picture of Heath – Leah Fanning of Natural Earth Paint

Woodpeckers Crafts


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