Monica Aben’s Force of Nature

Materials used

  • Twigs
  • feathers
  • moss
  • pine needles
  • pine cones
  • bark
  • preserved leaves
  • cardboard
  • twine
  • methyl cellulose glue

We crafted this nature-inspired title card for Monica Aben’s new single, Force of Nature. Though initially we were dreaming big of animating the entire music video, due to time constraints and the fact that Monica and her mom captured the most beautiful live action footage, we decided on creating title letters from natural foraged materials to compliment the video.

While we already had a bin of foraged materials, we also sent our apprentice, Kylea, out to find some specific elements like moss and bark. We also had some left over preserved leaves from our Earthing project. It’s always exciting when extra materials can be reused in future projects!

From concept to animation, this project came together in less than a week and is a testament to how inexpensive creating in alignment with nature can be!

Watch Here


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