Mt. Meru Medicines

Materials used

  • Organic fabrics and fibers
  • merino wool
  • plant-based glue
  • handmade beeswax clay
  • cardboard
  • peace silk
  • Mt. Meru’s Lakadong turmeric.

We are so excited to share our studio’s first eco-conscious animation, created for Mt. Meru Medicines, a turmeric supplement company going back to their roots and producing pure, small-batch products for immunity and overall health. Everything you see on screen is hand-crafted with organic fabrics and fibers, plant-based glue, natural handmade clay, and Mt. Meru’s vibrant turmeric!

The reference for the look of the film came directly from Mt. Meru’s founder, Radhika Ponda, and her time in India visiting her farmers and setting up production. For instance, we translated the essence of an authentic tribe doll, handmade by artisans in India, into the turmeric-dyed puppets seen on screen.

Not only are the puppets’ outsides organic and natural, but also the insides! We replaced toxic plumber’s epoxy on the armatures by wrapping the grab points with organic cotton string. And instead of conventional foam we built the bodies up with organic cotton batting.

We dyed all the fabrics and fibers by boiling Mt. Meru’s turmeric in water and dipping the various fabrics and fibers into the dye bath for different lengths of time to get the various shades of yellow-orange.

We also made our own clay, because we just weren’t happy with anything out there labeled “natural.” We sourced beeswax from our local farmer’s market and used that as the base. It took a lot of warming up by hand to become workable, so we look forward to perfecting this clay when a future project requires it!

The hand-written map was drawn in-camera, so we used a water color recipe provided by our affiliate, Natural Earth Paints to create a thick ink that only needed one coat and dried pretty quickly. We also did some last-minute improvising and made our own stamps from cork and, for all the powdered segments, we made our own stencils!

This project turned out to be incredibly versatile and the perfect beginning to our journey transforming the standards practices of the industry. Stay tuned for our next eco-conscious project!

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