Natural Earth Paints

Our affiliates are the products and materials that we discover and stand behind as alternatives to the toxic and wasteful practices of the industry. When you shop from the link below, you are directly supporting our mission.

When we first started researching alternatives to acrylic paints, the situation seemed dire. The only search result we got for “eco-friendly paint” was oil paint—not generally a great option for stop-motion fabrication. That’s why we were so excited to come across Natural Earth Paints!

Located in Oregon, the company was created by artist, mom, and environmentalist Leah Fanning when she got pregnant and realized it wasn’t safe to use the products she had always used. These versatile paints come in powdered form so you can mix them straight with water, add a base, or even use it to pigment a clay or fabric. They also have face paints and lots of helpful articles on their site!



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