Woodpeckers Crafts

Our affiliates are the products and materials that we discover and stand behind as alternatives to the toxic and wasteful practices of the industry. When you shop from the link below, you are directly supporting our mission.

Wood is a staple material in our projects, especially since we do not use plastic like most studios. Though our first choice is to use repurposed, reclaimed, and scrap wood, there are scenarios where we need specialty wood shapes.

A mom and pop craft wood company, Woodpeckers Crafts partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to ensure that they are giving back to the ecosystem from which they take. Their main wood is birch, which is a fast growing species with less impact on biodiversity destruction.

We are particularly grateful for their wooden balls as a replacement for plastic ones. And their wooden dowels, which are essentials in stop-motion, come in several shapes and sizes. While they are still working to source better plywood, their other products do not contain any glues or bonding agents.

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