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Grounding, or Earthing, is a practice that allows our bodies to utilize the Earth’s natural electrical charge to promote normal functioning and reduce inflammation. By placing our bare feet on the ground, we can reconnect with nature and enhance our well-being. Why? Because humans are electrical beings. Just as cable installations require proper grounding for signal stability and safety, humans also need to be grounded!

Founded by Clint Ober, a pioneer of the Earthing movement, Earthing sells a range of authentic grounding products designed to help you reconnect with Earth’s natural energies. Clint has dedicated over twenty years of research via the Earthing Institute to studying the health benefits of Earthing and developing products to help us stay connected to the Earth in our modern world.

In addition to taking mindful breaks to reconnect with Earth’s energy outside, we use Earthing’s grounding products while working in the studio. To learn more, listen to Clint’s Return to Nature episode here.


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